Base Classes
Who are you?

4th Edition

Player's Handbook 4th edition
Cleric (Templar) • Fighter (Weaponmaster) • PaladinRangerRogue (Scoundrel) • WarlockWarlordWizard
Player's Handbook 2
Player's Handbook 3
Heroes of the Fallen Lands
Cleric (Warpriest) • Fighter (KnightSlayer) • Rogue (Thief) • Wizard (Mage)
Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
Druid (Sentinel) • Paladin (Cavalier) • Ranger (HunterScout) • Warlock (Hexblade)
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
Neverwinter Campaign Setting
Wizard (Bladesinger)
Eberron Player's Guide
Heroes of the Elemental Chaos
Sorcerer (Elementalist) • Wizard (Sha'ir)
Heroes of the Feywild
Barbarian (Berserker) • Bard (Skald) • Druid (Protector) • Wizard (Witch)
Heroes of Shadow
Assassin (Executioner) • Paladin (Blackguard) • Warlock (Binder) • Vampire

5th Edition

Player's Handbook 5th edition
Barbarian (BerserkerTotem Warrior) • Bard (College of LoreCollege of Valor) • Cleric (Knowledge domainLife domainLight domainNature domainTempest domainTrickery domainWar domain) • Druid (Circle of the LandCircle of the Moon) • Fighter (Battle MasterChampionEldritch Knight) • Monk (Way of the Four ElementsWay of the Open HandWay of Shadow) • Paladin (Oath of DevotionOath of the AncientsOath of Vengeance) • Ranger (Beast MasterHunter) • Rogue (Arcane TricksterAssassinThief) • Sorcerer (Draconic BloodlineWild Magic) • Warlock (Archfey pactFiend pactGreat Old One pact) • Wizard (AbjurerConjurerDivinerEnchanterEvokerIllusionistNecromancerTransmuter)
Dungeon Master's Guide 5th edition
Cleric (Death domain) • Paladin (Oathbreaker)
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
Barbarian (Path of the Battlerager) • Cleric (Arcana domain) • Fighter (Purple Dragon Knight) • Monk (Way of the Long DeathWay of the Sun Soul) • Paladin (Oath of the Crown) • Rogue (MastermindSwashbuckler) • Sorcerer (Storm Sorcery) • Warlock (Undying pact) • Wizard (Bladesinger)

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