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Deities of the Dawn War
The shared mythology of D&D talks of the Dawn War, a war between the primordials and the gods. The gods fought to stop the primordials from destroying the world and were able to gain a narrow victory. The primordials were imprisoned, but the threat they present remains.

Few folk of the Nentir Vale and other regions devote themselves to any single god. Clerics or paladins might dedicate themselves exclusively to one single deity, but everyone else worships a selection of many deities. No single god encompasses all aspects of the average person's life, and so average people devote their prayers to whichever god seems most appropriate given the circumstances. Likewise, the World's religions are made up of autonomous sects, without monolithic governing entities. There are no "churches," in the sense of worldwide theological authorities that oversee all practitioners of a given faith.

The Gods of the Pantheon
Most of the deities who survived the Dawn War reside in Astral dominions located somewhere in the Astral Sea (thought some reside in the Abyss, Shadowfell or even just wander the World or the whole cosmos).

The Astral Sea


Corellon & his exarchs AstilaborErevan IlesereFenmarel MestarineHanali CelanilShevarash


Bahamut & his exarchs KuyuthaVivexkepeskXerefriMoradin & his exarchs Berronar TruesilverClangeddin SilverbeardDugmaren BrightmantleDumathoinGorm GulthynHaela BrightaxeMarthammor DuinTorugarVergadainKord


Bane & his exarchs HruggekMaglubiyetThurkearvaeriGruumsh & his exarchs BahgtruLuthicVaprakYurtrus


Ioun & her exarchs AthearsaurivZuokenErathis & her exarch EdarmirrikPelor & his exarchs HainardThe Golden General

The Nine Hells

Asmodeus & the archdevils


Tiamat & her exarchs ChillreaverIrfelujharKurtulmakMornujharNamissiQuanathrikVirizanVraxanaultVulkur VaalZehir & and his exarch Atlathessk

The Shadowfell


The Raven Queen & her exarchs AchreisisChronepsisThe Bleak GuideThe Red WitchVorkhesis

The World

Avandra & her exarch Aasterinian

Melora & her exarch Sekolah


Torog & his exarchs Duon-eelJerranThe AbnegatorThe Cringe

The Abyss

The Demonweb Pits

Lolth & her exarchs EclavdraLolestra

The Cosmos


Vecna & his exarch Falazure

The Dead Universe


Missing Deities

Even the most learned scholars can only speculate on what has become of the following deities.
Gods: KiaransaleeLaerisTharizdun (from another universe)
Exarchs: EphelomonKasVocar

Dead Deities

Even thought they are called "Immortals", gods are not truly immortal, just ageless. Some have been destroyed in the Dawn War, and others more recently.
Recent: CamaxtliLavanyaLuniaMaanzecorianNusemneePhayrdTenebrousTomeri
Ancient: AmaanAmothAoskarAuronDeity of Magic and PrescienceGod of the WordGorellikHaramanthurHe who WasIoKarmathKhaelethKhalaKronataLakalNerullSagawehnSemuetThe One in the VoidThessaliaTuernZorthosZurielUnnamed dead deities

The Spirits of the natural world
The Primal Spirits came into being perhaps as a natural consequence of the world's creation. Or maybe the gods created the spirits —intentionally or inadvertently— when they imbued the creation with permanence.

Spirits of the World

All-SpiritAlways FallingAncestral KhanateBiter with a Thousand FangsBitter EidolonBlood CousinBone VultureCarverDeathDeep WindsEarth WheelEverflameFate WeaverFour SeasonsGnawGrandmothersGreat BearGreat CurrentGray RoarerGreat Sky HunterGreat WatcherHunter TwinsHunter of WinterKalka-KyllaMonster SlayersOld GrandfatherOld TortoisePrimal BeastPrimal OceanSandstorm SpiritsSoul SerpentSpirit of the ChimeraSpirit of the Death RavenSpirit of the DragonSpirit of the DrakeSpirit of the PhoenixStar-Nosed Rik-VakSteadfast HengeStonerootStormhawkThalassacilTree FatherTwin Tempest SpiritsWhisperWindsWorld HealerWorld SerpentWorld Tree

The Archfey

The most powerful of fey spirits are godlike avatars of their chosen aspect of nature in the Feywild.

Green Fey: FathaghnGreen ManHyrsamMother TreeRelkathRheusendrousOranSelephra
Gloaming Court: Maiden of the MoonPrince of HeartsWitch of Fates
Sea Lords: Elias AlastaiScamanderSiobhan Alastai
Summer Court: TiandraEachthighernSarpenon
Winter Court: KoliadaMournwindPrince of FrostRodielleSoulsorrow
Fomorians: BronnorCachlainConnomaeMusagziThrumbolg
Unrelated: AuruselBaba YagaCalenon ThrayCarrion KingCat LordCerunnosCegiluneEochaidFlyGreat GarkJalfarian KhaldrosKannothKarl StoneshineKing of BloomsLady of the White WellMonkey KingMorgan le FeyMorrisaN'heliaPrince of ThornsNeifionRazcorethShandriaSharaeaSunfireSilvermawSky ShaperThe PrisonerThe Whisperer in the ShadeToveliss E'teallViktor MazanZebechial

Dead Archfey

Even spirits can die.
FelsaMalorunthPsylofyrRose King

The Primordials
The Primordials are elemental creatures of enormous power born from the Elemental Chaos. They shaped the world out of the Elemental Chaos and the gods gave it civility and permanence. When the primordials attempted to destroy it to began again the process of creation and destruction, the gods warred with them for control of the new creation. The gods eventually triumphed, and primordials now slumber in remote parts of the Elemental Chaos, rage in hidden prisons, or float, lifeless, through the Astral Sea.

Known living Primordials

Free Primordials

Alu Kahn SangAtropusIktha-LauMurgremirTy-h'kadiUlctilantilokla

Imprisoned Primordials

BalcothGolden MonolithHeur-KetMiskaMual-TarPiranothShangarSisanthakSolkaraStorralkThe AbnegatorUmborasVezzuvuVorsheen

Dormant Primordials

BryakusCastanamirQueen of ChaosTziphal

Missing Primordials

Nobody knows what happened to them.

Dead Primordials

Like the gods, many primordials died in the Dawn War.
Erek-HusGargashHaemnathuunIlmethLormochNekalNihilRamenosSehilShaxSyvexraeTabrach-TiTimesusVoluntZurtharakUnnamed dead primordials

The Archomentals

The difference between primordials and archomentals is thin. Some lore suggests archomentals played little or no part in the world's creation and arose at some point afterwards (maybe they are the firsts creations of the original primordials). Most mortals refer to these entities as the Elemental Princes.

Free Archomentals

Ben-hadarChanCrystalleEhkahkGazraSun SingSunnisZaaman Rul

Imprisoned Archomentals


Missing Archomentals


Dead Archomentals

Bristia PelUnnamed dead archomentals


Titans have served their own aims since the end of the Dawn War, but some remain loyal to the trapped primordials and see it as their duty to destroy what the gods created.

Titan Lords


Demon Lords

When the Abyss was created, the first primordials where drawn by promises of dominion of all the cosmos. Their contact with the plane corrupted them, transforming them into demon lords. Sometime after, the Abyss began to spawn "original" demon lords as well. If the demon lords were ever to join forces, the deities and other immortals of the Astral Sea might not stand against the onslaught. Such an alliance is all but unthinkable, and the lords of the Abyss spend as much time fighting each other as they do countering outside threats.

Known Demon Lords

AserothBaphomet (& his exarchs AsterionThe Misbegotten) • Codrichun (& his exarch The Voice of the Storm) • Demogorgon (& his exarchs KazuulThrarak) • Fraz-Urb'luuGraz'ztHaagentiJuiblexKostchtchieLamashtuLords of WoeLupercioOllomeghOublivaeOrcus (& his exarchs DoresainElder AranthamLord of Zombies) • PhraxasRajzakTuraglas (& his exarch Gargmanethka) • UgudenkVeshvoriakYeenoghu (& his exarchs NezrebeWhite Ruin) • ZuggtmoyOther known Demon Lords

Known dead Demon Lords

Dead exarchs: HolchwierThrullzon


The oldest myths and legends tell of a race of vile entities that once presided over the remains of a dying universe. These beings of evil incarnate were known as the obyriths. When the gods won the Dawn War, the surviving obyriths retreated into hiding, and many of them pose as demon lords.

Known Obyriths

DagonObox-obPazuzuQueen of Chaos

Other Entities
The beings from of the Far Realm, and other entities that aren't neither gods, primordials, spirits or aliens from the Far Realm.

Far Realm beings

Bizarre alien creatures from beyond reality, they infect the world with madness. Little is known about these creatures.

Dhogostho-AttuKabu-AthlaMak Thuum NgathaMystThe Prisoner of TamoachanShoth-GoragXurathon


Some stars have come under the influence of Far Realm entities.


Elder Evils

The "stars" of the Elder Constellation are not all associated with the Far Realm as some stars in the sky are. However, those unfathomable stars are inconceivably powerful beings who will survive to time's end.

AtropusFather LlymicKyussPandorymRagnorra


Powers that aren't classified as gods, primordials or something else.

BlibdoolpoolpDemiurgeKaestelariaGuardian of the Living GateLady of PainPrimusZutwa