The Spirits of the natural world
The Primal Spirits came into being perhaps as a natural consequence of the world's creation. Or maybe the gods created the spirits —intentionally or inadvertently— when they imbued the creation with permanence.

Spirits of the World

All-SpiritAlways FallingAncestral KhanateBiter with a Thousand FangsBitter EidolonBlood CousinBone VultureCarverDeathDeep WindsEarth WheelEverflameFate WeaverFour SeasonsGnawGrandmothersGreat BearGreat CurrentGray RoarerGreat Sky HunterGreat WatcherHunter TwinsHunter of WinterKalka-KyllaMonster SlayersOld GrandfatherOld TortoisePrimal BeastPrimal OceanSandstorm SpiritsSoul SerpentSpirit of the ChimeraSpirit of the Death RavenSpirit of the DragonSpirit of the DrakeSpirit of the PhoenixStar-Nosed Rik-VakSteadfast HengeStonerootStormhawkThalassacilTree FatherTwin Tempest SpiritsWhisperWindsWorld HealerWorld SerpentWorld Tree

The Archfey

The most powerful of fey spirits are godlike avatars of their chosen aspect of nature in the Feywild.

Green Fey: FathaghnGreen ManHyrsamMother TreeRelkathRheusendrousOranSelephra
Gloaming Court: Maiden of the MoonPrince of HeartsWitch of Fates
Sea Lords: Elias AlastaiScamanderSiobhan Alastai
Summer Court: TiandraEachthighernSarpenon
Winter Court: KoliadaMournwindPrince of FrostRodielleSoulsorrow
Fomorians: BronnorCachlainConnomaeMusagziThrumbolg
Unrelated: AuruselBaba YagaCalenon ThrayCarrion KingCat LordCerunnosCegiluneEochaidFlyGreat GarkJalfarian KhaldrosKannothKarl StoneshineKing of BloomsLady of the White WellMonkey KingMorgan le FeyMorrisaN'heliaPrince of ThornsNeifionRazcorethShandriaSharaeaSunfireSilvermawSky ShaperThe PrisonerThe Whisperer in the ShadeToveliss E'teallViktor MazanZebechial

Dead Archfey

Even spirits can die.
FelsaMalorunthPsylofyrRose King

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