Revenge of the Giants is the first WotC “super-adventure” for 4e. It’s also the first adventure put out by them for 4e that comes in hardback book form (with a double-sided flip map attached in the back) instead of the double book folio style. The book is 160 pages and takes characters from 12th to 17th level. This adventure takes place in the Plains of Chaos and the ancient city of Argent.

Fee-Fie-Foe-FUN! The first 4th editon D&D(R) super-adventure!

Evil giants seek to avenge past defeats by ravaging the civilized lands, and the only thing standing in their way is a renowned band of heroes.

The first 4th edition super-adventure, this product is designed to take characters from 12th to 17th level. Complete within itself, this product contains 160 pages of exciting paragon tier adventure and a beautiful 2-sided map featuring key locations within the adventure.

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